Evocations (2012)

Evocations was commissioned by the Brodowski String Quartet and first performed by them at the Basingstoke Arts Festival in November 2012.

It is dedicated to my mother-in-law, Rosalind Kelly, who was in the last stages of terminal cancer at the time of its first performance.

The piece is a reflection upon memory and an attempt in part to express its evanescence… the sound of rain on a tin roof that entrances a small child… the limbo of a cold autumnal day… the memory of travel in far-away places… just a few of the sensations this piece seeks to evoke.

In November 2014, I recorded Evocations at Angel Studios with:

  • Janice Graham – Violin 1
  • Steve Morris – Violin 2
  • Philip Dukes – Viola
  • Josephine Knight – Cello